About Islip Avionics

What We Do

Islip Avionics, Inc. is your one-stop avionics installation and support facility located on Long Island, New York – MacArthur Airport (ISP). We handle aircraft ranging from single-engine piston powered through multi-engine corporate jets. Whether it’s a single unit upgrade or a whole new panel, we’re the place to call!


Contact Information:


Islip Avionics Inc.
LI MacArthur Airport
135 Schaeffer Drive
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 7:30 – 5:00
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed


Our Past

Islip Avionics, Inc. was formed and incorporated in October of 1986 by Matthew Randazzo and Ralph Fisch. These two men were pilots and aircraft owners and were searching for a decent, reliable avionics shop local in the Long Island area to service their needs. Since there was not one available at the time, they decided to open Islip Avionics. They purchased inventory and equipment from several former shops and rented hangar and office facilities from Mid Island Air Service at the Long Island MacArthur Airport. On December 3, 1986 the shop was approved by the FAA as a certified repair station. The shop and its following of customers quickly grew. Islip Avionics was soon recognized by the avionics equipment manufacturers, and were granted dealership status.

By the spring of 1990, the company out grew its facilities. By this time the staff increased to 4 full time technicians. The company moved into a new custom facility built for them by Mid Island. This new facility had 2500 square feet of hangar space and 1100 square feet of office and technical space. Later in the same year, both partners became restless and decided to sell the company.

In December of 1990, they entered into an agreement to sell the business to the present owners, Patricia and Fred Kattermann. Fred had several years experience in the avionics trade, along with many additional years experience in the electronics and electrical field. Much like the company founders, Fred is a commercial rated pilot and aircraft owner. Fred also had worked for many years in a family owned business and had gained a great deal of business knowledge.

Additional staff was hired, and more equipment was purchased. More dealerships were added. Islip Avionics, Inc. has become recognized in the avionics industry as a leader in service and technology.

In February of 1994, the company leased a second hangar adjacent to the existing office to allow for further expansion. In March of 1994, Islip Avionics, Inc. purchased the equipment and inventory of Precisionaire Instruments, Inc., a local aircraft instrument shop. A new custom facility was constructed within the existing leasehold. The instrument shop facility was opened in June 1994 and licensed by the FAA as an independent repair station. The instrument shop is operated as the Precisionaire Instrument division of Islip Avionics. In 1999 the two repair stations were merged into one FAA approved facility.

Our Present

The total company staff has increased to 11 full time and several additional part time employees. All of our technical staff are certified as A&P mechanics and/or FAA Repairmen. We have become an industry leader in the design, approval and installation of custom panel upgrades for older aircraft. Sales have grown to over $1,000,000. Additional dealerships have been added, along with expanded service capabilities. Our market place has expanded to Connecticut and New Jersey. We have been aggressively expanding to the turbine and light corporate jet marketplace.

Our Future

We are very excited about the future of Islip Avionics. Islip Avionics is the only avionics shops serving lighter general aviation aircraft on Long Island. We feel that general aviation, both as a recreation and as a business tool is a very important asset to the Long Island community. As aviation continues to grow and prosper, we intend to do the same.



Islip Avionics is an FAA approved repair station:

Certificate # FJ1R141K

The ratings held are:


FAA Air Agency Certificate

Islip Avionics participates in FAA approved Anti-Drug and Alcohol programs. This enables our staff to perform maintenance and repair functions on part 121 and 135 aircraft and components.

FAA Anti-Drug Program Approval Letter

FAA Anti-Alcohol Program Approval Letter

Islip Avionics provides FAA Approved Engineering Services. We have two FAA designated engineering representatives on staff who are certified for systems and equipment approval.



Security Notice:
For access to our facilities from our parking lot, please use the intercom adjacent to the gate during normal business hours and we will escort you in. For access to the ramp after hours, please go through Mid-Island Air Services.

TSA Requires all Islip-based pilots and Aircraft Owners to display an Islip Airport Operations Area (AOA) Badge. If you are not based at ISP, the TSA allows you to walk from your plane to our repair station, FBO (Mid Island), or the nearest exit gate without an escort. We remind all non-based pilots that wandering around un-escorted in the AOA is unacceptable to the TSA.